I prefer cutting  a long story short, so there’s not so much to tell about myself. I love taking my camera, going for a walk, letting drift myself from Mother Earth, just enjoying the silence and the pure moment of that, what Gaia ist gifting to us. It always feels like beeing outside for an short moment, but mostly at least three or four hours are passing, while watching everything around me. This is freedom in its most primal form, at least for me.

The thing I like also when I’m “on the road” with my cam is, to consider my environment from another point of view. Why not making a photo of an building by looking straight up into the sky and standing directly in front of it? Or getting an complete different impression from something, when you are laying down on to the ground to make a photo. Yes, my fotos are different but I always wanted to be – individual and so my fotos are individual as well. I like to share them with everybody who wants to, so, just have fun and let your creativity play. 

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